Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Second Week Naikan Part Three

Well, this third question can really create some turbulence, eh? Generally, I'd like to think I don't cause any troubles and difficulties for any being, but the fact of the matter is that just by living I do cause some 'upset.' After all, when I boiled my water for tea, countless organisms were killed!

Anyway, in reviewing my day, I came up with a few specifics below. I wonder if you found this question as difficult as I?

1. I must have shooed away my cats from my seat at least half a dozen times today.
2. While driving, Giovanna began crying in her car seat, and I couldn't do anything to calm her (she wanted to be picked up and held).
3. I inadvertently forwarded an email along to someone who should not have been sent this particular email.

That's it! At least -- and here's the real 'kicker" -- as far as I know! There's always the chance that I caused someone some difficulties or troubles and I don't know that I have! Perhaps someone read something I've written and was upset by it. I may never know. AND perhaps that's one of the purposes of this question?

What do you think?


  1. I'm smiling really big right now because last night when I was contemplating what harm I might have caused during the day, I too was having trouble coming up with specifics! lol! A couple of things stood out for me.
    1. I lost my temper on the phone with a receptionist.
    2. I didn't read to my son last night (wow! hate to admit that to anyone)
    Mostly what occurred to me was that I was having a hard time remembering the day. I was just so tired and then I realized....that was the crux of it all. I hadn't lived mindfully most of the day. My day was one big blur of work, work, work....hurry...deadlines...hurry, work some past time to quit.
    So how many times did I cause harm and did not even realize it?
    And this drive to work too hard is what brought me to Frank's class and to this forum to begin with. I know this obsessive need to define myself by how much I can "accomplish" and how "hard I can work" is destructive in and of itself.
    So there you go....this daily practice has the potential to be immeasurable helpful to my whole practice. And to my family and friends and to my pets and to people I meet along the way each day.
    So today I will keep this in mind and truly vowe "to live fully in each moment and to look upon all beings with the eyes of compassion".


  2. Beautiful, Susan!!!

    The Buddha often referred to the practices to cultivate awakening as "going against the stream," and nowadays, that resonates even more with me: our whole culture seems designed to propel us from one moment to the next, from one activity to the next, so that we rarely get to just be a human 'being.'

    This drive to create some solidity of self through our achievements can overwhelm us, until we find whole days, years, lives have gone by.

    Today, as we embark on our first plane trip with our new baby, I hope also "to keep all our practices fresh in mind, to live fully in each moment, and to look upon all beings with eyes of compassion!"

    metta to all of you!
    poep sa frank jude

  3. I have been practicing (and really appreciate having a guided practice!) the 3 questions and was logging on to the blog to express how difficult the 3rd question is. I have been trying hard not to cause harm to anyone. So this question is helping me to really pay attention - ah yes to pay attention. Thank you!